Asian Funeral Service in Melbourne

There is a lot of diversity in Asian funeral beliefs and burial rites, however we know that every aspect in them holds significance. After looking after the funeral needs of people across Melbourne, we have planned many Asian funerals and Christian funeral services to honour religious beliefs and cultural traditions.

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Funeral customs differ in time and location. There are different customs in different regions of China, among which inhumation is very common. Usually for this kind of funeral, the family members of the dead shall wear mourning dresses, which shall be made in five different materials according to how close the relationship is with the dead. This is called “five-rank sable”. A funeral hall shall be arranged in the house,

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Attending an Asian Funeral

If you are attending an Asian Funeral, there are a few rules of etiquette that are very important to follow. The burial process of someone who has passed is taken very seriously in Chinese society. Asian culture teaches that someone who is buried without the proper funeral customs will bring bad luck and disaster to the family. Cremation among traditional Asians is very rare.

Asian culture uses beauty and respect throughout their funeral services. Every detail is covered and has special meaning behind it. The traditions they use have been passed from generation to generation to make the end-of-life transition more beautiful.

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Asian Funeral Service

We respect all cultural traditions and religions and have experts who can help you with Buddhist, Taoist, Catholic and Christian services to bid farewell to your loved one.

We can tailor the service, creating a customised Asian funeral that honours and reflects the life that was lived.

Our Asian Hall caters for all Buddhist and Taoist funeral services. We have a strong relationship with the local Buddhist community and will arrange monks and disciples to attend your service to pay respects to your loved one. Night prayers and sleep vigils can also be catered for.


Typically the Funeral Service typically a means of saying good bye to somebody who has passed. We're right here to take an individual through the alternatives you want to make in order to can organiSe the particular Asian Funeral Service you expect for ones loved one.
How to choose between cremation or it may be burial

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