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Our funeral directors know that in all branches of Buddhism, death is of major religious significance as it marks a transition from this life to the next. Buddhism is flexible as to whether the body should be cremated or buried and our funeral homes can support whatever choice families make.

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Buddhism starts as a result of Siddhartha Gautama’s search to understand death. He was in confusion when he first saw a dead person. Siddhartha was more confused when he applied the death principle to himself. Thus, he realised that he too would be dead one day. It was then, Siddhartha gave up his luxurious life. So, he banished into the jungle in search of divine teachings.


With the enlightment almost 2,500 years ago Siddharta came to accept death. Thus, Siddharta becoming known as Buddha, the Awakened One. His teachings or Dharma, then advanced from his Indian home all over Asia. Buddhism today is a major world religion. Hence, there are more than 350 million followers. Buddhists in the western world come from families with ethnic links to one of these traditional Buddhist countries.

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Buddhist funeral arrangers For Buddhist families

Our specialist Buddhist funeral arrangers and directors are able to organise the funeral for members of the Buddhist faith with attention to all customs rituals and special requirements of Buddhist families.

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Planning a Buddhist funeral

Buddhists aspire to leave the cycle of saṃsāra by freeing themselves from all desires and notions of self to attain enlightenment and reaching a state of nirvana.

Buddhism is a small but quickly growing religion in Australia, so you may find yourself wanting to pay your respects at a Buddhist funeral. Be aware that Buddhism is practised across many different countries and cultures. Buddhists from different cultural backgrounds may have variations in how they conduct the funeral service.


A Buddhist Funeral Service isnt just Mantras, Prayers and Pujas, just as being a Buddhist isn't just about performing Mantras, Prayers and Pujas; these are very much cultural aspects. Therefore I believe it is about motivation and dedication. While discussing, organizing and actually participating in the ceremony, you should be aware of your motivation e.g. to help the deceased and family and friends during this difficult time. After you have finished helping with the service it is extremely important to dedicate all the merit (you have earned) to the deceased in obtaining a Precious Human Rebirth in their next life.

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