Burials in Melbourne

For burials in the wider Melbourne area, We look after everything from picking your plot to arranging the open and closing of the grave.

The decision will need to be made between a casket and a coffin as well as deciding the location of your preferred burial plot. There is also the option of above ground burial in a vault or a crypt as well as the standard burial in a ground plot available.

Depending on your religion and culture, you might prefer burial over cremation.


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When you're organising a funeral service, one of the first decisions will be whether you are organising a burial or a cremation. This choice will directly impact the type of funeral service you will have, and will include deciding which cemetery or memorial park that will be used. You will also decide whether you are having a private funeral service or a public service.

Once these decisions have been made, you can be creative and add many unique, personal touches to the ceremony if you choose. Even a religious or traditional funeral service can still have a very personal touch.

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BURIAL SERVICES What do I need to know

A burial service is usually a short ceremony held after the main funeral service as the coffin is lowered into the ground. Mourners are often invited to attend the burial, which may include short readings and prayers, depending on religious beliefs.

This step-by-step guide provides an overview of how to arrange a burial service and what's involved before, during, and after the funeral:

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Pros of Burial Service

One of the most common ways to say goodbye to a loved one is to hold a burial service for them. A burial is a funeral option where the deceased is placed into the ground as their final resting place.

A burial can be done in conjunction with a funeral ceremony or as a standalone service held graveside. The average Australian burial service can cost as much as $15,000 including the cost of flowers, a casket and a cemetery plot for the interment. But with us, the funeral cost is $6,209 for a burial with service and reserved plot.

Although the burial service is a more expensive option, there are many benefits to holding a burial service, these include:

Permanence. Graves are more or less permanent fixtures that can be available for future generations of the deceased to come to pay their respects.

Tradition. Australians have been burying people for thousands of years and this custom is sure to continue far into the future.


Which Funeral Service Should You Choose?

The type of funeral service for your loved one will depend on several factors including your finances, the wishes of the deceased and existing family traditions.

If cost is not a problem, or you have strong local family values, you can hold a traditional burial service for your loved one. However, if you are seeking the cheapest funeral arrangements possible, you can consider cremation, holding a memorial service on a later date or other options.

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