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We are committed to providing support to parents and families who are touched by the death of an infant or child.

Our Funeral Planner will act as your guide and support leading up to and including the funeral. They will be able to meet with you either in hospital, on your return home, or at one of our many branches across Melbourne.

We take great pride in offering… Plan a Funeral for an Infant

It's a question nobody ever wants to ask: "How do you plan a funeral for a baby?" Planning a memorial service for a baby, however, is one way in which parents can step back a moment to remember their baby along with friends and family if they choose.

Most people may have no idea where to begin to plan a funeral for an infant, and that's okay. There is no specific organization that must be met for a service, and the only thing that is important is that it honors your baby in whatever way best meets the needs of you and your partner. Let's talk about some of the things you may wish to include, from music to readings, as well as resources that are available as you grieve.

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Coping With the Death of a Baby

Given that many parents are unfamiliar with what options they may have our Funeral Planners will be able to provide you with information and options regarding the type of funeral services available to you, along with the associated costs. They will focus upon your own personal needs and wishes, including those of a religious or cultural nature.

We stand ready to assist you!

We’re available 24 Hours a Day, 7 days a week. Feel free to call us anytime for whatever reason. Rest assured, we’re here for you and your family.

Infant death

The death of a baby is always tragic, and there are myriad feelings you may experience.1\

These can range from feeling powerless to feeling like life has lost special meaning, to relief for some parents, as their babies fight for survival is finally over. Coping with the death of a baby is never easy, whether sudden or after a long battle.

Leaning on family and friends can be helpful, as can looking to your faith. Many parents which to preserve their baby's memory in some way with transitional objects such as photographs,2 others may take a lock of hair, create a memorial garden, plant a tree, or name a star.


The loss of a baby at any time is one of the most devastating experiences that any person can go through. It’s natural for families to have a desperate need to know why it happened, and how it can be prevented from happening in future.

Men and women grieve differently. Mothers have told us they could not think straight and felt unable to make decisions, with some experiencing very powerful, frightening maternal urges. They dreaded going out, and having to explain where their child was.

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