Civil Celebrant Funeral Service in Melbourne

Families who do not have an affiliation with a Church, often choose a Civil Celebrant to conduct the service.

A Civil Celebrant consults with the family to develop a personalised structure for the service, which he or she leads on the day.

A civil service usually features a tribute/eulogy and/or a review of the deceased’s life and times, presented by the Celebrant or a family member/friend. 

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Civil Funeral / Memorial Celebrants are celebrants who provide meaningful and dignified civil memorials and funeral ceremonies. Such celebrants are usually compassionate and sensitive people, who have training in loss and grief and in working with families to enable them to say farewell to their loved one in a manner that meets their particular needs - honouring their loss and celebrating the unique life of the person who has died.

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Do celebrants do funerals?

Funeral celebrants typically help organise and conduct funerals, supporting the bereaved family every step of the way with the aim of celebrating the life of the person who has died. Celebrants tend to be independent and will usually be engaged by the funeral director on behalf of the family.

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What do you call a celebrant at a funeral?

Generally, celebrants may be one of the following: A religious leader. If your loved one was religious, you may want to contact your local place of worship to conduct the funeral. Normally a religious leader will act as the celebrant.


The mark of a good celebrant is someone who is willing to work closely with you, following your instructions whilst bringing their own ideas to create the right funeral for you and your loved one. The celebrant role combines three qualities: a good listener, a good writer and a good performer.

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