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Funny Funeral Songs To Play At A Ceremony?

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    It has been brought to my attention that one can, in fact, search the internet for humorous funeral songs and locate them there. It would appear that a sufficient number of you are interested in "inappropriate funeral songs" to warrant the creation of an entire article that is dedicated to the subject. As a result, this article will be created.

    So… fine! Whatever it is that you yearn for will be brought to you.
    This post will provide you with a list of 15 of our favourite humorous funeral songs, so sit back and enjoy the ride. These songs range from timeless classics like Queen's "Another One Bites the Dust" to the infamous performance that Sarah Silverman gave at a nursing home gig.

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    Funeral FAQs

    Most Australians associate a 'funeral' with an attended church or chapel ceremony, with a coffin or casket displayed, before the cremation or burial. But a 'funeral' can be more of a wake, celebration of life, or a memorial. It doesn't need to be formal or bleak.

    If there is no money to pay for the funeral, some states and territories in Australia can provide government assistance. To access state-based funds, families need to meet strict criteria. The specific requirements will depend on the state.

    The legal personal representative, whether this be an executor appointed under a Will or an administrator of an estate (or the person entitled to be appointed administrator), is responsible for making the necessary funeral arrangements for the deceased.

    Spouse, parents, and children of the deceased will sit closest to the front. Sometimes close friends and "honorary family members" will sit with the grieving family. Other family members (siblings and their families, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc) will be the closest to the immediate family.

    Many banks have arrangements in place to help pay for funeral expenses from the deceased person's account (you should contact the bank to find out more). You may also need to get access for living expenses, at least until a social welfare payment is awarded.

     Most Inappropriate Funeral Songs

    In alphabetical order, here is our list of top choices for hilarious songs that are also highly inappropriate to play at funerals:

    • Another One Bites the Dust by Queen
    • Always Look On the Bright Side of Life by Eric Idle
    • Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead from The Wizard of Oz
    • Dumb Ways to Die from Metro Train Melbourne
    • Goodbye Earl by Dixie Chicks
    • Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer by Elmo & Patsy
    • Ha Ha You’re Dead by Green Day
    • Not Crying by Flight of the Conchords
    • It’s the Best Day Ever by Spongebob Squarepants
    • Love Lifted Me by Jack Black
    • One More Minute by Weird Al Yankovic
    • Remains of the Day by Danny Elfman
    • Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die by Willie Nelson
    • She’s a Zombie Now by The Meteors
    • You’re Gonna Die Soon by Sarah Silverman

    Still need more?

    A List Of The Songs That Should Never Be Played At A Funeral

    It is recommended that you do not play any of the songs that are listed below at a funeral, unless you have been given explicit instructions to do otherwise in the wishes that have been expressed for the funeral. When you learn how to plan a funeral, you come to realise how important it is to keep a respectful demeanour and keep a supportive atmosphere at all times. This is something that you come to realise when you plan a funeral. In general, these songs will not be able to achieve this goal in any meaningful way. Even if the person who passed away was not someone with whom you had a particularly close relationship, it is important to pay respect to the deceased with songs that are fitting for the occasion by playing them at the funeral or memorial service. When someone you care about passes away, the last thing you want to think about is making preparations for the funeral.

    Another One Bites The Dust By Queen

    If the person who has passed away was not a devoted fan of Queen, it is probably best to avoid playing this song at the funeral. It wouldn't be appropriate to limit yourself to just one song by Queen just because it's about dying; there are plenty of others.

    Highway To Hell By Ac/Dc

    Even though we can all acknowledge the greatness of this rock classic, the vast majority of people find it comforting to think fondly of their departed loved ones rather than dwelling on negative memories of them after they have passed away. For spiritual people, there is nothing that could possibly be worse than choosing to walk down the path that ultimately results in their damnation.

    Celebration By Kool And The Gang

    Even though it might be a crowd favourite at other kinds of get-togethers, this song should not be played at a funeral because it is inappropriate for the occasion. It almost seems as though you are celebrating the death of the loved one rather than paying tribute to the life they lived.

    Stayin’ Alive" By The Bee Gees

    The lyrics to this song are a little bit too ironic to be played at a funeral because it is obvious that the person who has passed away is not "stayin' alive" any longer.

    Happy" By Pharrell Williams

    Despite the fact that this song has an undeniably catchy beat, it may come across as offensive due to the fact that it implies that you are "happy" about the passing of a loved one.

    Problem" By Ariana Grande

    The song "Problem" from Ariana Grande's most recent album shouldn't be played at a funeral, despite the fact that she is one of the most popular artists working in the music industry today. A song that conveys the idea that life would be simpler without you is sending the wrong message to its listeners.

    Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead” By Glinda And The Munchkins

    As this song is about celebrating the death of the Wicked Witch of the West, you should refrain from playing it at the funeral unless the person who passed away was a devoted fan of The Wizard of Oz.

    I Will Survive" By Gloria Gaynor

    Despite the fact that it is an excellent pick for anyone who has prevailed over one or more of life's challenges, this song should not be played at a funeral because it is inappropriate for such an occasion.

    Hells Bells" By Ac/Dc

    This song, much like the one titled "Highway to Hell," is loaded with far too many negative connotations to be suitable for the majority of funerals. Avoiding AC/DC in every way possible is most likely going to be the most fruitful course of action to take.

    Don’t Worry Be Happy" By Bobby Mcferrin

    There is no doubt that listening to this reggae classic will put a smile on your face, but it is not the kind of song that should be played at a funeral because of its upbeat nature. One more time, it appears to be implying that it is acceptable to feel happy about the death of a loved one.

    Come As You Are" By Nirvana

    Even though the repeated references to having a gun in this song are actually implying that people don't always have the best intentions, it feels as though this is ominous foreshadowing for the death of Kurt Cobain. This song was written by Kurt Cobain and the band Nirvana.

    (Don’t Fear) The Reaper" By Blue Oyster Cult

    If you are not certain, it is best to steer clear of using any song that even tangentially references the devil, the grim reaper, or any other macabre symbols of death. This is especially important if you are performing the song in public.

    Blurred Lines" By Robin Thicke

    Because of the contentious nature of the lyrics in this song, it was met with criticism shortly after its initial release, and as a result, it has no place being played at a funeral service.

    Thriller” By Michael Jackson

    It is inappropriate to play a song at a memorial service that is about people rising from the grave after they have died, such as Michael Jackson's "Thriller," despite the fact that this song is considered to be a classic.

    Best Day Of My Life" By American Authors

    Recent years have seen a rise in popularity for this folk-pop hit, which can be attributed in large part to the positive message that it conveys. However, because the funeral of a loved one will not be the best day of your life by any stretch of the imagination, it is not a good idea to play this at the funeral. The day will not be the best day of your life.

    You Give Love A Bad Name" By Bon Jovi

    In addition to this song, Bon Jovi has produced a great number of other excellent songs that are worthy of being performed at a funeral. When performed at a memorial service, the song's lyrics, which include lines such as "shot through the heart and you're to blame," and others with similar sentiments, are a little bit upsetting.

    Sexy And I Know It" By Lmfao

    If you were to hear this song at a funeral, it's possible that it would make you want to get up and dance, but doing so would be a very disrespectful thing to do.

    Anaconda" By Nicki Minaj

    Even though it is one of the most popular club dance songs of this generation, it is in extremely poor taste to play the song "Anaconda" at a funeral service. This is true despite the fact that it was released in this generation.

    The Stroke" By Billy Squier

    In spite of the fact that one might be led to believe something different based solely on the name of the song, the content of the song is actually much more... personal. This song should remain on your personal playlist no matter what you decide to make of it or how you choose to interpret it.

    The Final Countdown" By Europe

    Again, it is best to refrain from listening to songs that contain the words "final" and "ending" because the "countdown" for the deceased person has already come to an end.

    Ha Ha You’re Dead!" By Green Day

    In the event that the title of the song was not sufficient to convince you, the lyrics of this song are quite literally about clapping and cheering after the death of a loved one.

    Dominion / Mother Russia" By The Sisters Of Mercy

    This song contains a number of references to anti-American sentiments as well as allusions to the nuclear disaster that took place at Chernobyl. Attending a funeral that includes a song that is about a nuclear disaster is not an effective way to show support for the victims of the nuclear disaster.

    Burn" By Three Days Grace

    The lyrics of this song are much too harsh to be played at a funeral, despite the fact that the purpose of the song is to encourage listeners by discussing how important it is to show their detractors that they are wrong. Because it contains sentiments such as "So on the way down, I'll watch you burn," this is not an appropriate choice for a funeral.

    Since U Been Gone" By Kelly Clarkson

    When played at a funeral, the hit song by Kelly Clarkson, which is widely considered to be one of the best pop songs ever written about ending a relationship, does not seem appropriate.

    The Best Day Ever" By Spongebob Squarepants

    Even though it's true that Spongebob brings happiness into the lives of a great many people, you probably shouldn't play this song at a funeral or anything like that. This silly song, which is all about getting drunk and having a good time, is probably better suited for use at a different time or place.

    A Little Piece Of Heaven" By Avenged Sevenfold

    In spite of the fact that the song's title might give the impression otherwise, the lyrics of this song are actually about a jilted lover who is suffering in hell while the rest of the world revels in paradise.

    Shake It Off" By Taylor Swift

    It's possible that Taylor Swift is a pop icon, but a funeral is not the appropriate setting for this song about letting go of the past and moving on with your life.

    Dead" By Korn

    This creepy and memorable snippet of music is just the right length, but it should not be played at a funeral because it is inappropriate. Given that the concluding line is made up of nothing but the phrase "Every time I get ahead I feel more dead," it is perfectly safe for you to skip this one.

    Loyal" By Chris Brown

    It is best to avoid playing songs at the funeral of a deceased loved one that focus on their faithfulness, regardless of their past romantic experiences, as this is not the appropriate time or place for such a tribute.

    Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)" By Silento

    funeral 13

    Although it's possible that the Whip and the Nae Nae were the most popular dance moves of their time, playing that song at a memorial service is not exactly the most respectful thing that could be done in this situation.

    Bye Bye Bye" By Nsync

    There are a lot of songs about parting ways that are much superior to the iconic song "Bye Bye Bye" by NSync. These songs are all about saying goodbye.

    We Can’t Stop" By Miley Cyrus

    Despite the fact that it is considered the ultimate party anthem, it is possible that this song, which contains references to smoking, drinking, and dancing, should not be played at a funeral.

    Let It Go" By Idina Menzel

    Even the most devoted fan of Frozen is able to recognise the inappropriateness of playing this song at a funeral service. It would not be appropriate to play a song at a funeral that was all about moving on and letting go of the past.

    Don’t Bring Me Down" By Electric Light Orchestra

    Given that the act of burying a loved one involves physically "bringing them down" into the ground, it is probably best to avoid listening to this song.

    Everything Is Awesome!!!" By Tegan And Sara

    This song is a wonderful way to reflect on the positive aspects of one's life, and it can be found in "The Lego Movie." On the other hand, there is nothing particularly amazing that happens at a funeral.

    Bodies" By Drowning Pool

    Because the chorus includes the chanting of "let the bodies hit the floor," it is not necessary to explain what this means because the chanting gives away the meaning.

    Friday" By Rebecca Black

    Even if the person who passed away died on a Friday, you should still make every effort to avoid listening to this song. It doesn't matter what day of the week it is. You are not required to "get down" on this particular Friday because it is not a day in which to do so.

    Forget You" By Cee Lo Green

    It is not appropriate to play this song after someone has recently passed away because the title of the song's initial recording had a word in it that was not appropriate for all audiences.

    Welcome To The Jungle" By Guns N’ Roses

    This song, which is about the seedier sides of Los Angeles, is very much an ode to rock 'n' roll, sex, and drugs, and it's also about the city.

    Only The Good Die Young

    Only the good die young is a wonderful credo to guide one's life by, but what would happen if you passed away when you were well into your golden years? Does this suggest that you are not very good at what you do? And, more to the point, isn't it a tad bit cliché to compose a song about an introverted Catholic schoolgirl? I mean, unless you were a repressed Catholic school girl who wanted to let the world know that this was her final message to the world, you probably wouldn't want to do that "It was not worth the trouble! While you still have the opportunity to live, indulge in sin!" If this is the case, then the profanity you used will most definitely be taken seriously by us. If your name is Virginia, you are going to find this joke to be even funnier than it already is, and that's saying something considering how funny it already is. When someone you care about passes away, the last thing you want to be concerned about is making funeral arrangements for them.

    Live And Let Die

    We are well aware of the fact that you have been a MASSIVE fan of Wings ever since... well, ever since you discovered that Paul McCartney was a member of the band. Additionally, we are aware of the fact that you were so ecstatic to be going to that very first concert that you were on the verge of passing out on the way there. We are aware that it was an amazing experience, but we kindly ask that you not try to keep that memory with you. It would be unwise to come to a close on a note that could be interpreted as "Live and Let Die." In this particular instance, what exactly is it that you are attempting to argue? That each and every one of us ought to feel relieved that you have finally left this world... It is, at best, a message that is difficult to make sense of.


    The song "Hell" by the Squirrel Nut Zippers had its fifteen minutes of fame and won the affection of people who thought the song's title was "In the Afterlife." The reason for this is that almost no one pays attention to the rest of the sentence after the first three words because those are the only ones that are relevant to the topic at hand. They would find out, if they kept listening, that there is a cute chorus that spells out damnation like a happy cheerleader, as well as some really gruesome threats sung in a happy Big Band sort of way. This would be revealed to them if they kept listening. This song has a very endearing tone to it, even if you don't pay attention to the words that are being sung. There is a reasonable possibility that the majority of those who are attending your funeral won't even notice it. The truly jaded among us will be the only ones to notice that you've arrived in Hell, which is where all the fascinating people are, and they will be the only ones to warn you. Playing the music video that goes along with it, which is drawn as an utterly bizarre dance macabre set in the 1920s, is a good way to attract attention to the perverse lyrics, if that is what you wish to do. If you want to draw attention to the perverse lyrics, play the music video that goes along with it.

    How To Save A Life

    I am totally ignorant of the circumstances that led to the selection of this piece of music as the theme song for each and every medical drama that is aired on television. I don't even know how it happened. It is not about an arrogant and inexperienced young surgeon who is standing over a child who is bleeding to death while holding a scalpel in his hands. Actually, if you listen to the lyrics closely, the song is about how you failed to notice that a friend of yours who later committed suicide was suicidal before they took their own life. Some people may view this as an admission of guilt if it is performed at a funeral because it is traditionally done at funerals. A statement along the lines of "Whoops, I saw your car explode, but I figured you'd get out just fine by yourself!" would be appropriate.

    Dumb Ways To Die

    Was the recently departed member of your family ever nominated for or awarded the Darwin Prize? Because of their mistake, have they rendered themselves unable to have children of their own? If that is the case, then perhaps they should give this song a listen... You should be aware that some people might find it insensitive if a member of your family was killed in a train accident because the entirety of this song is essentially a public service announcement warning people to be careful when riding trains. The message being conveyed is that people should ride trains safely. Nevertheless, this does not mean that it is not adorable or extremely catchy; after all, who among us hasn't used our private parts as bait for piranhas?

     We Will All Go Together When We Go

    Who here wouldn't jump at the chance to hear Tom Lehrer one more time if they knew it was their last chance? His acerbic sarcasm is exactly what the patient needs... a welcome change of pace. Despite this, it's possible that some of his songs aren't the best way to wrap things up on a positive note. Concerns regarding political correctness are also associated with the phrase "We Will All Go Together When We Go," which has the potential to be misunderstood as some kind of threat from beyond the grave to those who are still alive. For instance, the phrase "every hottentot and Eskimo" has the potential to be insulting to any of the indigenous peoples of Canada; you should avoid doing anything that might enrage a Canadian. For instance, "every hottentot and Eskimo" has the potential to be insulting. No one can accurately forecast what they will do. And once they have finished ransacking the funeral home, the hottentots will figure out who they are, and they will also realise that they have just been called a word that is most likely offensive to them.

    Seasons In The Sun

    Seasons in the Sun is one of those eerie songs that seems to follow people around like a severely retarded puppy does; it's one of those songs. At first, it's cute, but after some time, all you want is for the mental image of it to vanish entirely from your consciousness. At first, it's endearing, but after some time, it's not. It's another example of one of those upbeat songs about people killing themselves, but it still manages to be catchy. It's almost as if you're saying, "Farewell to all of you! I love each and every one of you so very much, but the concept of death appealed to me so much more. You miserable people, I hope you enjoy your miserable lives!"

    I'm Going To Live Forever

    You keep saying that, my sweetheart, even as we drive you deeper into the ground with each step we take. Oh, the wretchedness of the whole situation!

    Another One Bites The Dust

    Because of the vulgar nature of some of the lyrics, this song is probably not appropriate for most funerals. People in our society don't "die," they "pass away." Our culture is full of euphemisms that are light and fluffy, and "pass away" is one of those phrases. It is not unusual for euphemisms to have a tone that is more severe than the word they are attempting to cover up for. It's possible that this is one of those cases that we were talking about earlier.

    Waiting For The Worms

    The problem that existed in the song that came before this one also exists in this one. We do not think it is a good idea for you to give earth worms access to your eye sockets in the hopes that they will complete an obstacle course inside of them. It is repulsive and unsettling, and the agonised scream that is heard at the very end does NOT provide any comfort in any way. What in the name of all that is holy did you think was a good idea to put this on your list?!

    Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead

    Who exactly is this crone, anyhow? Oh, that witch is so spooky! Ring, ring, the witch has finally been put to sleep!!

    If this is played at your funeral, you can plan on having a truly awful epitaph written about you, and you can also expect very few mourners to attend your service.

     Don't Fear the Reaper

    Did you know that Houdini made a promise to his wife that in the event that he passed away before she did, he would make an effort to communicate with her from the afterlife? If he had actually accomplished what he claimed he could, then maybe this song would have been played. The expression "Don't fear the reaper, he's just doing his job!" immediately comes to mind, along with an image of a large figure dressed in a black cloak and wreaking havoc on entire cities while a corpse groans in the background.

    Highway To Hell

    It's possible that this is appropriate for any man who, at some point in his life, decided not to stop and ask another person for directions. If that sounds like you, then this could be the right fit for you. He won't realise he's heading south instead of north until everything starts smelling strangely like brimstone, and by that point, it will be too late to turn back. Oops.

    Used To Love Her

    "I used to love her, but unfortunately I had no choice but to kill her." "I had no choice but to kill her." It is clear that somebody has stretched the meaning of the old adage "honesty is the best policy" a little bit further than it ought to have been stretched. This one works really well for murders that were committed in the name of honour as well as crimes that were motivated by passion.

    People Who Died

    This tune is ideal for anyone who is so cynical that they wouldn't be able to keep their mouth shut even if they were in the afterlife, as it contains a lot of sarcastic language. The lyrics of the song, in addition to having a fantastic name, take you further and further into scum by describing disturbing ways in which adolescents can lose their lives. This is in addition to the fact that the name of the song is fantastic. Is there anything else that comes to mind that you might want in addition to that?

    The Ballad Of Alfred Packer

    This little-known but all-time great song is quite possibly the best song about cannibalism that has ever been written. Despite its obscurity, the song never goes out of style. If you feel that being eaten is preferable to being buried, then this is probably the best song for you, and you should listen to it. [Case in point:] In order to minimise any potential adverse effects on one's health, it is imperative that one consumes only beef that has passed a safety check performed by the government.

    Zombie Love Song

    I had high hopes that this last song would be a particularly obscure one that I had uncovered and that made references to gouging out people's eyes because you love them... but alas, I was unable to locate it and had to make do with conducting a random search on YouTube for a song titled "Zombie Love Song." I was able to find the song, but it made references to gouging out people's eyes because you love them. I had high hopes that this last song would I believe that giving it a shot would be the right thing to do in this case.


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