Religious & Traditional Funeral Services Melbourne

Religious Traditional Funerals in Australians have a rich cultural diversity. This means that the funeral services we hold for our loved ones are also very diverse. At Peter Tziotzis Orthodox Funerals, you can be rest assured that irrespective of your religion or faith

We take great pride in offering… Religious & Traditional Funeral Services Melbourne

Our traditional funerals respectful directors and celebrants can conduct a respectful service.

We’ll make sure everything goes smoothly, so you can bid your loved one farewell.

Our funeral directors are familiar with all stages of funeral traditions. If you find talking to the religious official is too overwhelming, you can be sure that we are there to step in for you. We will assist you as much as needed through all the funeral customs and during the committal of the deceased.

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Relgious traditions

We understand that knowledge of the traditions may come from early memories of funerals and memorials in home villages or towns so we will work closely with a local religious official to recreate what it is you hold dear during the funeral ceremony.

Whether or not you wish the service to be conducted in an orthodox church is entirely up to you, our lady funeral directors will help you plan a funeral that meets all your needs.

Are you trying to organise a traditional funeral? Let us help you.

We stand ready to assist you!

We’re available 24 Hours a Day, 7 days a week. Feel free to call us anytime for whatever reason. Rest assured, we’re here for you and your family.

Peter Tziotzis Funerals

No matter what faith or belief you follow, we let you say the final goodbye exactly how you want to. We are experts in traditional funerals and funeral customs, always keeping in mind tradition and respect.

At Peter Tziotzis Orthodox Funerals, the care and security of your loved one is our priority.The products that we offer for funeral services are part of a curated selection of the highest quality, Australian-made products that attend to all price ranges to ensure the best service for your loved one.


We are among the most trusted funeral service providers in Melbourne. Greek orthodox, Russian and others funerals require special care and consideration, and we will ensure your loved one is laid to rest in accordance with your traditions and wishes. At Peter Tziotzis Orthodox Funerals, we strive to stay at the side of families as long as our services are needed.

Therefore, they falter in making the proper arrangements or understanding what your service requires. For example, many do not know that the Orthodox Church forbids cremation. A burial funeral is the only option. They also do not know how Orthodox Christianity differs from other strands of Christianity. We seek to offer you the appropriate greek death traditions that you and your loved ones would need.

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