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Peter Tziotzis Orthodox Funerals directors know that the funeral will need to take place as soon as possible after death for families of eastern orthodox faith. Before the funeral, the body will be washed, dressed and placed in an open coffin. A viewing will usually take place at the funeral home, the family home or at a church. If more than one viewing will be held, the family's priest will traditionally be present for the first viewing and will offer a prayer at this time.

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Peter Tziotzis Orthodox Funeral homes have contacts with Orthodox Churches and clergy so that the Parastasis (Panikhida) can take place. Our orthodox funeral service directors know that only burial is allowable for people of the Orthodox beliefs and that the presence of a member of the clergy is required at the graveside to read a short memorial service before the body is lowered to the ground.

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Our orthodox funeral service directors have vast experience in the arranging, organising and conducting any orthodox funeral. Each memorial service is personally planned by one of experienced funeral staff who will help you organise all necessary arrangements for all Orthodox funeral cultural observances. In addition, those individual personal touches will be planned to ensure the family is completely satisfied and has a funeral service that celebrates and honours their loved one’s life.

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When we finally bid-adieu our departed beloved, this soil either helps them to cover or offer the doorway to heaven irrespective of cast religion and rituals. However, depending upon the cultural bifurcations, funerals services imply with a range of religious procedures and Orthodox Funeral Service is one of the pragmatic ceremonies.


The Orthodox funeral part at Peter Tziotzis Orthodox Funerals is regulated by an empathetic and dedicated team of funeral directors. They have hands-on experience to carry this funeral service adhering the Orthodox belief. Regardless of your Orthodox denominations like- Russian, Greek, Serbian or Armenian- we make sure the soul of your beloved will lead to heaven with rightful and in a compliant way.

The initial step of an Orthodox funeral starts with preparing the body that comprises washing, clothing by the close relatives or us as funeral directors.


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At Peter Tziotzis Orthodox Funerals, we have the best funeral directors to take care of Orthodox burials. Therefore, people consider us as the leading name for Orthodox funerals in Melbourne. We have a dedicated team that completely empathises with our clients in these situations. They have practical experience of performing such funerals, and they have been doing this for years. We can assist all kinds of Orthodox denominations such as Russian, Serbian, Greek, and Armenian.

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Our commitment is to provide the community with the highest standard of service that is based on a genuine compassion for each and every family during orthodox funerals.

At Peter Tziotzis Orthodox Funerals we understand the traditions and customs of the Orthodox funeral, we specialize and are one of the few that have a total and clear understanding of the expectations of the Orthodox Church and the Traditions along with the expectations of truly understanding and conducting Orthodox Funerals by our Orthodox Funeral Directors in Melbourne.

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Peter Tziotzis Orthodox Funerals recognizes and appreciates how important of a role religion and culture play in our lives, and it is because of this that we have dedicated ourselves to being well versed in all different kinds of ceremonial and religious funerary proceedings.

Our compassionate funeral directors at Peter Tziotzis in Sydney can help you arrange a memorable funeral to celebrate and honour your loved one’s life. We will work closely with you during the days following their passing, providing gentle guidance when you need it most. We have extensive experience in helping families from all cultural and religious backgrounds.

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