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What Should Women Wear to a Funeral?

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    When it comes to determining what they ought to put on their bodies in order to pay their respects at the funeral of a close friend or member of their own family, women frequently find themselves in a precarious position.

    Should you put on some makeup? Dress casually? What kind of clothing would be appropriate for this event? How can you demonstrate your respect and support for others without upsetting them or making them feel uncomfortable with the way you look?

    Peter Tziotzis Orthodox Funerals will always find creative ways to pull costs in line with your budget.

    This blog post will provide some guidance on how women can navigate these waters. 

    Funeral FAQs

    The most common reason people place flowers on caskets at funerals is as a form of condolence. After losing a loved one, it's hard to put these feelings into words. Even if you're not close to the deceased, it's important to show support to the bereaved family in any way you can. Flowers step in when words fail.

    Unless you have been specifically asked by the family of the deceased to do so, it is not appropriate to take pictures inside a funeral service or at a grave site. People in attendance at the funeral may be in mourning, or even crying, and taking photos is an invasion of privacy.

    Makeup should be kept simple. Foundation, a bit of blush and black eyeliner should suffice. Avoid bright lipstick, if any at all. As with clothing, you're makeup should not make you stand out.

    When the cortege is ready to leave, the funeral director will ask everyone to make their way to their cars. The funeral director will then walk in front of the hearse for a short distance. This is a mark of respect to the deceased and also gives following cars an opportunity to join the cortege.

    Immediate family, as it applies to leave taken for a funeral leave, includes an employee's spouse, the employee's and spouse's parents, children, brothers, sisters, grandparents, grandchildren, and sons- and daughters-in-law.

    What's an Appropriate Outfit for a Funeral?

    The traditional attire for women at funerals is a dress, and the standard dress code calls for clothes that are smart-looking but have muted colours. This might come across as being very strict, but in reality, it leaves a lot of room for flexibility. If you're feeling anxious, a good rule of thumb is to put yourself together as you would for a job interview.

    There is, however, a significant exception to this rule, and that is the fact that many families today request that their guests dress in a manner that is less formal. Alternately, they may instruct you to avoid wearing dark or muted colours such as black or grey. You might be asked to wear white instead of black if you are attending a funeral that is associated with a religion that is not Christian, such as a Hindu funeral. In that case, you should respect their preferences! The following pieces of advice, however, will help you blend in at the funeral even if they don't say anything to you.

    what should women wear to a funeral+

    Here are a few general tips on what to wear to a funeral (and what not to) before we get to the examples:

    • Dress respectfully. In general, people make an effort to steer clear of low necklines and other'sexy' clothing elements.
    • You are not required to dress in an all-black ensemble. The typical colour palette includes muted tones such as blue, brown, grey, burgundy, dark purple, beige, and green. It's also possible to incorporate some white and soft pastel colours into the mix.
    • Keep jewellery simple. Not overly grand and ostentatious. There are no medallions from the 70s to be found here.
    • Be comfortable. This is the outfit that you are going to wear for the entire day! Because venues are typically chilly, bring layers with you to keep warm. Even wearing heels is not required when attending a funeral. Because it's typically a long day filled with lots of standing, you might want to consider choosing a shoe with a lower heel or even one that's completely flat.
    • Avoid loud colours and patterns. It is recommended that you do not wear the Hawaiian shirt outside of the house. If the dress code does not require bright colours, you should either avoid them entirely or limit your use of them to just a few accents here and there unless you have been specifically instructed to wear them.
    • Get out your iron. So that your clothing is not rumpled but rather smooth and elegant. Additionally, polish and clean your shoes. If everything is as intelligent as it possibly can be, you will experience a greater sense of ease.

    It is always best to go with a more subdued and demure look when deciding what to wear to a funeral. Even though it's not required that you wear black, you should still dress in a way that demonstrates respect for the deceased. That means you should steer clear of bold colours, vivid prints, and fabrics with glitter.

    Dressing as though you are going to a serious business meeting is a good general guideline to follow. That means that what you do may be guided by where you are, the climate there, and the culture of the person who has passed away.

    Peter Tziotzis Orthodox Funeral Directors are here to help make the funeral process as smooth and stress-free as possible for you and your loved ones.

    What to Wear to a Funeral: Dos and Don'ts


    • Think about the location of the memorial service as well as the time of day it will be held. A memorial service held on a beach will have a more relaxed atmosphere than a service held in a place of worship.
    • Employ some common sense: if you are going to the funeral of someone who was known to be very formal, the appropriate attire is likely going to be more conservative.
    • Ask for advice: If you are unsure about what to wear to a funeral, it is perfectly acceptable to ask a member of your immediate family or the funeral director for advice. It's possible that the deceased had a particular request in mind. For instance, a person with a robust sense of humour may have stipulated in their funeral plan that they would like everyone in attendance to wear green.
    • Dress to blend in: Although we all have the desire to be distinctive in some way, attending a funeral is not the occasion to do so. You will want to dress similarly to the other people who are attending the funeral.
    • Take into account the culture: When it comes to the clothing worn at funerals, different cultures have developed their own distinct traditions. White is the favoured colour in some Asian cultures, while black and red are considered to be the standard in some African cultures. It is appropriate to enquire about a family member's preferences regarding attire when the funeral is being held for a person who comes from a specific cultural background.


    • Choose now to act contrary to the norm: Everyone should express their sorrow during the funeral service. This is not the time to be noticeable.
    • Underdress: In a setting where you are likely to encounter a variety of different styles, it is far more advantageous for you to be a little bit overdressed rather than underdressed. Get your feet out from under those flip-flops!
    • Forget about the reasons you are there: The funeral service is being held in order to pay respect to the person who has passed away. You won't run into any problems if you pick something that is respectful.
    • Agonize: There's a good chance you already have an idea that will work. Just use mostly black and dark primary colours, and cover up. The fact that you are there to pay respect to your loved one is the most important thing. It is highly unlikely that anyone will take notice of what you are donning unless it is grossly inappropriate or extremely garish.
    • Dressing appropriately for a funeral typically entails wearing clothes appropriate for the workplace that are dignified and demurely traditional. This is the case for both men and women. Always err on the side of dressing more formally rather than more casually. Black or another dark colour is nearly always acceptable for business attire. Be sure to take into account the weather and the location of the memorial service, and if you require more specific guidance, speak with a member of the deceased person's family.

    Even though the standard for funeral dress has become less strict over the years, one should still wear clothing that shows respect and is conservative.

    You need to keep in mind that drawing attention to yourself is not the goal here. The most reliable guideline for what to wear to a funeral is to imagine that you are going to a business meeting.

    Choose components that are dignified and traditional, as well as ones that won't be a source of distraction. This covers the fundamentals. Now let's move on to some tried-and-true suggestions for funeral attire.

    What to Wear to a Funeral: Tips for Women

    • A dark solid-color suit that either has a skirt or pants is a reliable option to go with. You are not required to wear black unless the particular culture you are in requires you to do so.
    • In most cases, it is appropriate to wear a dress of the appropriate length along with a blouse or sweater.
    • Your best options for footwear are probably some pumps or flat shoes. Sandals or shoes with open toes might be appropriate, depending on the environment you'll be in.
    • It's possible to wear a hat in some cultures, but not others.
    • Jeans are typically regarded as inappropriate business attire unless there are extraordinary circumstances.

    What Is Appropriate for a Woman to Wear to a Funeral?

    A good guideline to follow is to steer clear of wearing anything that is glittery, sequinned, flashy, or excessively bright in colour.

    Maintain your modesty by covering your shoulders and ensuring that the length of your dress or skirt reaches at least your knees.

    You are free to wear a hat, but under no circumstances should it be a baseball cap or a straw hat. When it comes to the topic of hats, choose something understated and elegant like Kate Middleton does, and take a page from her playbook.

    Is it Okay to Wear White to a Funeral?

    To be sure... And no.

    When attending a funeral in some cultures, it is traditional to dress casually and wear white clothing. If you are aware that the family is anticipating it, then by all means go ahead and do it!

    On the other hand, this isn't something that happens very often in the West.

    To show up dressed in nothing but white would definitely be an out of the ordinary move... However, if it is done tastefully and you are confident that it will not upset the family, then the decision is entirely up to you.

    There are times when those who were particularly close to the deceased loved one will wear a particular colour in their honour. This may mean wearing the colour white or another colour altogether.

    But in general... The way to go is with a dark and traditional aesthetic.

    Proper Colours to Wear to a Funeral?

    Again, it is common practise to use colours that are dark and subdued.

    This entails steering clear of lighter hues like yellow, pink, baby blue, light green, and orange, among others, and instead focusing on colours from the darker end of the spectrum.

    You can feel comfortable and confident when wearing dark green, navy blue, charcoal grey, and black. These are good solid colours.

    Funeral Outfits for Women

    Dressing appropriately for a funeral typically entails wearing a dark or black skirt suit or pantsuit, a skirt of an appropriate length or pants and a top with sleeves, a blouse, or a sweater, as well as flats or pumps. For men, the standard attire is a dark or black suit.

    Women are expected to wear hats to funerals in some religious and cultural traditions. In certain societies, wearing predominantly black clothing is both expected and considered to be very traditional.

    If the service adheres to a particular religion, there may be additional guidelines for appropriate attire, such as coverings for the head that are required for both men and women and skirts and tops that are at least knee-length for women.

    The problem with choosing an appropriate outfit for a funeral when you are a woman is that there are so many options. There is a wide variety of choice available to consumers today.

    Now, keep in mind that the funeral attire ideas listed below are just a jumping off point. But we hope that they will be able to assist you in selecting something that makes you feel good.

    Funerals are always a sad occasion.

    The vast majority of us will, at some point in our lives, be confronted with that unfortunate reality, either directly or indirectly; when that time comes, the question that inevitably follows is:

    What kind of clothes are appropriate for a funeral? What kinds of clothes are acceptable to wear? What kind of behaviour is unacceptable? Should I stick to wearing black?

    When selecting an outfit, the two most important considerations to keep in mind are the level of respect you wish to convey and the specifics of the event you will be attending.

    This calls for a degree of restraint and discretion in terms of how you present yourself publicly, according to the majority of norms.

    At many formal funerals, you are expected to dress conservatively and wear all black; however, some families are more laid back about the matter and don't mind if you come in a different colour.

    If you are unsure about something, you should check with the family, and you should keep the culture in mind. This guide focuses specifically on the norms and customs that are associated with Western culture. There may be variations in other cultures. If you are looking for funeral directors in Melbourne, Peter Tziotzis Orthodox Funerals is able to assist you in personalising and individualising each funeral service to make it a truly memorable experience and a fitting tribute. 

    An Easy Funeral Outfit With Trousers

    Separates that are well thought out are always a good option. For a funeral, a grey and black outfit would work just as well with a skirt or even with some sophisticated dark jeans instead of the traditional trousers. Alternately, one could wear a blouse, shirt, or plain t-shirt in place of the turtleneck.

    Do not forget that it is acceptable to wear the standard work attire in the office. Are you concerned that you won't have the appropriate dress, shirt, or shoes? Don't be afraid. When paired with other, more forward-thinking pieces, such as a blazer, casual pieces of clothing like t-shirts and jeans can look more put together.

    Ladylike Outfit for Funeral Event

    This elegant dress is perfect for the occasion because it satisfies all of the requirements for appropriate funeral attire.

    This dress is the perfect candidate for a girly hat with a wide brim, and it would look lovely with a pair of white and black heels. You can choose a purse in a more muted colour, and if the weather is particularly nice, you might also think about wearing a shawl with your outfit.

    Black, Long-Sleeved Dress & Cheetah Print Heels

    Because this dress is so demure, you can get away with wearing a heel that is just a little bit more daring than usual.

    This is assuming that you would like to do so, of course. This option is for the lady who loves to bring a touch of herself to every look, no matter the occasion. A black pump or a simple kitten heel would be our top choice, but this choice is for the lady who loves to make a statement.

    Wear a straightforward necklace as your accessory, and either let your hair down or pull it back into a chic chignon.

    All-Black Conservative Look for Funeral

    It is impossible to imagine a more fitting ensemble for a funeral than this one right here.

    When you wear this look, you will be covered in black from head to toe, giving the impression that you are completely dressed in the colour. Therefore, a splash of vibrant lipstick might be the only thing you need to keep in mind regarding your appearance.

    Begin with a plain tank top and layer a sheer button-down blouse over it.

    These are tucked into an a-line skirt that is knee-length and has a thin belt that is wrapped around the hips. Put on a jacket to keep warm and to add another layer of modesty to your look.

    You might also want to put on a pair of stockings or tights. Complement with a pair of black pumps.

    The finishing touches include a pair of oversized sunglasses and a black hat with a wide brim. You can dress up your look with some drop earrings or simple studs. Here at Peter Tziotzis Orthodox Funerals, we provide religious and traditional funeral services.

    Elegant, Stylish Funeral Outfit for Women

    what should women wear to a funeral (3)

    This is a great choice for the lady who always manages to look put together no matter what the occasion is.

    A lovely pencil skirt is tucked into a beautiful fitted jacket, which is then worn over a patterned blouse. Pair with beige heels.

    Alternative to the Traditional Black Dress

    Here is a suitable option that can be worn as an alternative to the conventional black attire.

    This dress is an excellent example of understated elegance because of its olive green colour. Choose a sophisticated silhouette that doesn't cling to your body excessively, and don't forget to take into account the neckline.

    Wear with heels in a neutral tone.

    Classically Traditional Funeral Outfit

    This is a wonderful illustration of a traditional funeral outfit, in the event that you are searching for something a little bit more conventional.

    A black dress with a belt that is worn with a jacket of the same colour and is paired with tan heels.

    This is the quintessential look that you will frequently see people wearing as traditional funeral attire. It consists of long sleeves and a conservative hemline.

    Check out these other everyday outfits that you can wear with black jeans.

    Modest, Well-Fitting Suit for Funeral

    A great piece of advice to keep in mind if you are still unsure about what to wear to a funeral is to dress as if you are going to a business meeting. This is a great concept to keep in mind if you are still unsure about what is appropriate to wear to a funeral.

    A miniskirt or a sundress are not appropriate pieces of clothing to wear to a business meeting.

    If you were going to an important business meeting, you would in all likelihood choose to dress in a manner that was formal and conservative.

    This is a wonderful illustration of that point. If you don't feel like wearing black, this suit in a lighter shade of grey is a great alternative.

    It is understated and timeless without being overly flashy. It is comfortable to wear and reaches the ideal length just above the knee.

    Complement with a heel in either black or beige.

    Mid Length A-Line Dress

    When in doubt, opt for a dress with a high neckline and a length that falls somewhere in the middle.

    Despite its lighter tone, this hue is still considered to be within the acceptable range. However, if you don't own any black pumps, you can get away with wearing a pair of heels that are entirely transparent.

    If the temperature outside is particularly chilly, you might want to wear a coat and stockings with this outfit in order to stay warm. Be sure to wear very little jewellery, and if you do, choose something understated like pearls or diamonds if you want to show off your accessories.

    Large earrings with tassels or jingling bangles would be too flashy and distracting to wear.

    Black Suit With Pop of Colour

    Women who are attending a funeral should wear an outfit consisting of a pretty patterned blouse, a pencil skirt that matches the jacket, and a short jacket.

    Once more, the dos and don'ts are still in effect. Heels in black or nude, and jewellery that is understated and traditional. Keep in mind that the number of layers you wear can be adjusted according to the temperature.

    Sarah Jessica Parker Inspired Outfit for Funeral

    Finding fresh fashion ideas for specific events and occasions can always benefit from looking to well-known celebrities for inspiration.

    We adore Sarah Jessica Parker's choice of clothing, which she wore to a memorial service. It just needs a few simple adjustments, and any one of us could put it on and look presentable in no time.

    Let's begin with the hair, shall we? The prefered style is a bun that is pushed up to an extreme level and has a lot of volume.

    The addition of a white rose as an accessory in the hair is something that particularly appeals to us. It can be worn to a wide variety of events and, when combined with some basic stud earrings, exudes an air of refined sophistication.

    This outfit demonstrates to us the proper way to dress in white when attending a funeral.

    The length of the skirt is appropriate for a conservative occasion, and it is paired with a pair of white gloves. Because the tailored jacket is easily interchangeable with a more substantial coat, this is an excellent look for the colder months, especially autumn.

    The shoes come in last, but certainly not last place.

    If you think you can pull off these heels, then more power to you. However, a smaller pump or heel would be better suited to this look.

    All-Black Funeral Attire for Women

    Another outfit that was inspired by a celebrity, but this one is dressed in a more subdued and traditional manner.

    This style is straightforward to imitate and adheres to all the accepted norms and protocols in the industry. This is an outfit that works well for the fall or winter, and it is versatile enough to be dressed up or down depending on the temperature.

    A straightforward black coat is worn atop matching black pants and ballet flats. For an accessory, fundamental sunglasses are added. You should pair it with a black top or blouse with long sleeves.

    What to Wear to a Funeral in Winter for Women

    Wear a long cardigan or coat with a black dress that has a close-fitting silhouette.

    This scarf has a cowl neck and is not only very fashionable but also great for keeping warm. The only things you'll need to complete this look are some black ankle boots and a purse.

    How to Wear a Hat to a Funeral

    This look right here is a fantastic illustration of how a hat should be worn when attending a funeral.

    This is yet another option for when you need an outfit that is suitable for the cooler weather.

    A pencil skirt that matches the jacket is worn with a black turtleneck, black tights, and heels. Accessorize with sunglasses, a tasteful hat, and a clutch or purse.


    Peter Tziotzis Orthodox Funerals provides professional burial services in Melbourne. We understand that the death of a loved one is a difficult time, and our team is here to help you through every step of the process.

    What to Wear to a Memorial Service or "Celebration of Life."

    Even though memorial services and celebrations of life tend to have a more relaxed dress code than funerals or other formal occasions, you should still keep the fundamental guidelines in mind when selecting an outfit.

    Steer clear of anything that is excessively flashy, glittery, or appears too young (like Converse or graphic tees). The following are two looks that adhere to a more relaxed dress code while still maintaining a modest and dignified air.

    A Non-Traditional Funeral Service Look

    When attending a funeral service, it is best to avoid wearing jeans if at all possible; however, there are times when this is not possible.

    In circumstances like these, you need to keep a few things in mind if you choose to carry them out.

    Jeans are inherently more relaxed than other clothing options. Make sure that you give them a more put-together appearance by providing them with an appropriate blouse and jacket.

    You should never wear a pair that has been ripped or faded, and you should always choose dark wash for your jeans.

    This style has a touch of edginess to it. The unconventionality of the leather jacket is not to be confused with immodesty. In addition, the shoes feature an accent colour, but their use of colour is restrained enough that they are acceptable.

    Kim Kardashian Inspired Funeral Look

    Even though Kim Kardashian probably isn't the first person that comes to mind when planning an outfit for a funeral, this is a respectable look that has the potential to be very effective for the event.

    Simply throw on some heels in a neutral colour and accessorise with a black dress, a light-weight shawl or cardigan, and black accessories. Sunglasses and stud earrings are some of the best jewellery options to complement this look.

    For maximum comfort, you might want to choose a dress that is a little bit longer.

    Elegant and Stylish Funeral Ensemble

    This is a very traditional and dignified look, which is perfect for a funeral or memorial service because it exudes a sense of professionalism. You just need to collect all of the items that are shown in this lookbook picture, and you're done.

    Chic and Elegant Funeral Outfit for Women

    A flawless dress completes this look, which is both sophisticated and extremely stylish.

    The length, as well as the high neckline, are both executed to perfection. Both the brooch and the timeless bag contribute to the air of sophistication.

    A heel in a bright lime green adds a splash of colour in an unexpected place. You need only to accessorise with a pair of dainty diamond studs for the complete look.

    The Little Black Dress

    It is impossible to not be versatile, as demonstrated by the fact that this stunning black dress is an excellent option for funerals and memorial services.

    Given that it is a simple look, you should concentrate on the fabric, the cut, and the silhouette. This is sophisticated while not being overly revealing. In addition, you always have the option of adding another layer by donning a jacket, a cardigan, or a shawl.

    Pick a purse with a minimal design and wear black heels. Instead of going for stilettos, we suggest that you go with pumps.

    Simple, Modest Funeral Look

    A modern and stylish option for women that isn't overly showy is a loose shift dress. You could go for a cute kitten heel and a dark purple clutch if you choose to wear this dress.

    Visit Peter Tziotzis Orthodox Funerals to know more about our prepaid funeral service and find the best funeral option for your unique situation.

    You can also add tights for added warmth or a pair of stockings.

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